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Transforming the permit application process for the Municipality of The Hague

Easy-to-use, interactive event application tool


The Hague is home to many public events each year: cultural festivals, markets, and more. Citizens or organisations who want to organise events on their own property or in public areas, must submit a request for a permit to host the event. The permit needs to include a map illustrating the event's layout as well as its facilities.

The Municipality of the Hague wished to transform the process for applying for such a permit. Functionality and user-friendliness were the top priorities.

WORTH took on the challenge, and developed an easy-to-use interactive tool enabling event organisers to submit accurate event details, enabling municipal planning authorities to interact efficiently and facilitate organisation.

“The project was completed within the deadline and within budget. Many organizers have already submitted an application via the online tool.”

Narin Koendan-Panday, Information Manager, Municipality The Hague

De aanpak

Choosing the right approach - Working scrum fit well with the development of the application. Although the method was unknown to many involved, the short sprints quickly made the consequences of choices visible and did not cause any impediments. This allowed the client to keep a grip on the process and progress. Moreover, the approach ensured that we were flexible in the scope. Working this way, we were able to achieve the maximum value in the time we had.


Improving workflow - Saving applicants time and frustration, while providing a clear workflow for municipal authorities

Ensuring security - Utilising a browser-based solution which ensures applicant data security

Rapidly delivering a functional prototype - Using agile techniques and iterative processes to test and deliver

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