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Transforming online education for Cambridge Assessment

Maximising digital services for students and teachers for insights and support in the learning process.


Cambridge Assessment is an international exams body who deliver assessments, qualifications and tests in 170 countries to over 100 million learners. They wanted to transform their approach to delivering new digital products in order to keep up with industry disruptors who were taking advantage of the modern internet approach. With legacy technology, and lack of design thinking and product delivery methods, the team needed a partner to help them transform.

"What an absolutely excellent transformation experience it was. This past year has been one of the most fulfilling of my entire career – and definitely the most intense! It has simply been brilliant, and I would love to work with you all again at some point in the future."

Solution Architect, Cambridge Assessment

De aanpak

Working in blended teams with the client’s staff in design, engineering, and project management across two products, WORTH introduced and practised lean and agile ways of working to create a new customer-focused product culture and a continuous delivery pipeline.

● Deep-dive discovery to understand the end to end service experience and identify internal and external customer pain points.

● Translate Cambridge’s strategic goals into an approach and architecture that allowed delivery teams to be productive and scale.

● Work alongside existing teams to establish agile ways of working and lean product development.

● Augment the existing digital capability at Cambridge with our engineers and designers, transferring knowledge as part of the process.


Increased customer experience on a global scale
Improving the experience for 100,000+ schools.

Accelerated product launch cycle
Product launch cycle was increased 4x and a minimal viable product (MVP) was validated and launched within three months.

Embedded sustainable ways of working
Embedded a learn by doing approach codified in playbooks, design systems and continuous deployment infrastructure ready to scale.

Transformation of user-centred design and technology delivery
Clear establishment of agile leadership best practice, and integration of design with delivery through embedding multidisciplinary product teams.

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