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Enhancing fact and policy-based decision making for Public Result

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The demographic composition of Dutch villages, cities and regions is changing, and so too is the demand for services and public institutions, complicating the planning process.

Commissioned by Public Result, the Transition Atlas is an important tool for exploring this balance. With it, senarios created reflect the impact that future facilities can offer. The scenarios then promote discussion with stakeholders, and from them, business cases developed to explore operational consequences. By granting access to open data, regional planning authorities can predict the impact that individual choices will have on demand for local services.

"The Transition Atlas is an important substantive tool for finding balance between the supply and demand of shops, schools, sports facilities and facilities for living, welfare and care."

Public Result

De aanpak

- Emphasis on performance (heavy calculation in the back, real time results on screen)
- Tiny, highly specialised team
- High quality and future proof solution


Visualising changing demographics - Through this online tool, policy makers are better able to serve communities.

Enhancing fact and policy-based decision-making - The tool makes data visual, enhancing accuracy in decision-making.

Providing insight into the interests of stakeholders - Regional planning authorities predict the impact that individual choices may have on local services.

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