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A secure, easy to use application for the social media generation to apply for insurance online

Kroodle was an initiative of Aegon, one of the world’s leading insurance companies. The Kroodle team launched innovative insurances using data to provide lower insurance premiums. Worth was tasked to collaborate with the Kroodle team and develop a web application that would capture essential data as part of the purchasing process.

Aegon recognised the need to offer a secure, easy-to-use product that would appeal to the social media generation. The goal was to interest prospects in a new way of applying for insurance and motivate them to share the data client needed in a social, but secure way.

Macbook where you can see the app of Aegon.

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A safe, easy-to-use application

Aegon established the following objectives:

  • Create a secure, easy tool to use.

  • Make it easy to provide data: one-step login with social media

  • Develop and build in a short timeframe

  • Monitor and measure user responses to find the sweet spot

  • Interest prospects in a new way of dealing with insurance

Worth built a highly secure, user-friendly tool that eliminated time-consuming form-filling by enabling prospects to login via their Facebook or Twitter accounts. With the application we eliminated time-consuming form-filling online.

"A flexible, iterative approach allowed the collaborative team to quickly build a secure, working solution and quickly adapt it based on user feedback."

Ernout van der Waard, Founder Worth Systems

Iterative approach

 We adopted a flexible, iterative approach to this collaborative project that enabled the team to quickly achieve a secure working solution and continually adapt it in line with prospects’ response levels.

As part of the project, we carried out detailed monitoring and measurement of users’ responses to different approaches to find the sweet spot that would attract the most prospects. The Kroodle reputation score tool provided Aegon with an innovative product that helped them develop a new market sector and build relationships with younger prospects who had been hard to reach with traditional marketing methods.

"The fact that Kroodle was specifically designed for mobile devices is unique within the international insurance market."

Marnix Zwart, Co-Founder Kroodle

Captivating the social generation

A secure, user-friendly application with a reputation scoring tool that collects the data via a login with a Twitter or Facebook account.

An attractive, smooth user experience. The functionalities of the application are easy to use.

Security and confidentiality is guaranteed. The secure backend system has the functionality to manage personal data.

Safe and user-friendly user experience

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